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The excursion is offered all year round and is the original outing since 1989. The recommended flights are in the morning and from the Balloon Airport, the first one on the country authorized by the Civil Aviation. You will spend a whole morning or afternoon with us. Already at the beginning you will be able to enjoy a coffee at the bar of the Balloon Airport, a balloon video in the room and some explanations from the pilots, who will share with you their passion for Ballooning as if was their first day. The flight lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. The whole excursion lasts between 4 and 5 hours.

The excursion begins at dawn. With the sunrise everybody meets at the Balloon Airport in Manacor to measure the wind and to decide the place to take off.

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Everybody can help to build the balloon (always guided by the pilots). When the balloon is half fill up of air by powerful fans, the flames of the burners break the silence of the morning and the sail starts to rise. The moment has come!!!! Everybody into the basket, radios, altimeter, GPS, compass, maps, etc…Once, when everything is on the basket we take off. After the excitings moments, it comes the calm. Meter after meter, we rise softly, and we start to contemplate the landscape. Soon will see Cabrera and when we reach 300 or 500 meters, we probably can see Menorca. On the balloon is not cold because we fly in and with the wind, and that why we don’t feel it. The silence and the feeling of freedom are unique. Villages, country houses and hills are underneath our feed. The flight time goes quickly by, but memories remains for ever in our hearts. Our pupils lip up by the sunbeams. Once, when we are on earth, we do the traditional airbauptism with their own flight certificate followed by a buffet breakfast.

A happy ending for this romantic experience.


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