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a) Self made. You decide how your balloon should be: shape, colours and size. You have to think that the balloons have huge sizes, they are really good public relations and they capture the view of all onlookers. An advertising that remains in the retina of the consumer.

Your logo in the highest place. The price of a balloon ( depending of the type of the balloon ) is around 16.000 euros and it last around 10 years. Therefore, your advertising it will cost you the ridiculous price of 1.600€ per year. It doesn’t exist a cheaper way to advertise.

Furthermore, we have now a special offer that includes free places for your VIPS, the whole maintenance, insurance, gas, petrol, staff, flights over Palma and press publicity. All for the same price.

Ask us about prices and conditions.

b) With banner. Use one of our balloons and put on a big banner. Up 4 * 4 meters till 48 *4 meters. The prices change a lot, depending of the duration of the advertising campaign.

c) This campaigns can be done over cities or for sports events. As nationwide as  internationwide.

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