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How does a balloon fly and how cold is during the ride?

A balloon flies with hot air and  we always go back to it, what it means that we fly  with it and we don’t notice it, and that’s the reason because in the balloon nearly never is cold.

Is it safe to fly in a balloon?

Truly talking, the most dangerous thing that can happen to you in the excursion is during the way on your own car coming to us. On the other hand, there are some statistics who says that to fly in a balloon is safeties than to fly in a plane or even to go in a lift.

What is better, to fly in the morning or in the afternoon?

Both flights are good. But, for sure, the flights in the morning are more pleasant, they have a better visibility, the route is longer and there is less risk for the passengers. The flights in the afternoon are fussier, and in fact, Mallorca is one of the few places in Spain where you can fly in the afternoons.

How many balloons are there? And, do we fly all together?

At that time we have a fleet of 7 balloons, even so and in our eager to renovate and to keep the fleet in the best conditions, in the year 2012 we will have 3 new balloons and 2 will be discharged.

Can I fly alone with my partner?

Of course. We offer exclusive flights since 1989 and we have a large diversity of them. They are like “ flights à la carte “.and you can come alone with your family chartering the balloon just for you. Besides these balloons we always put fewer passengers than they actually could carry. You never have to have the feeling on these flights that you can not move.

How many passengers can fit in the basket?

We have different sized balloons, balloons for 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and even one for 15 people, but Mallorca balloons as a rule, never ever take a basket full to allow passengers more comfort.

How is the staff of Mallorca Balloons?

Sincere, cheerful and polite, would be words that define them. We always bet on human quality, dealing to the passenger with cordiality. In addition they are all permanent staff for years, super experienced and routinely performed with courses each month about safety at the globodromo, regardless of each day are at the airfield.

Why Mallorca Balloons?

We are at as the best special excursions on the island and are in the Guinness Book of Records since 1994.

We are the No. 1 national ranking in the balloon pilots list.

Because no one require so much in safety.

We pay for professional weather services and forecasts.

We have an official safety manager within our company.

We monthly safety training, testing and emergency practice and especially and most importantly, we have experienced staff and a human quality and desire to improve customer service.

Our insurance is with AXA Germany because they are 5 times higher than those of Spain, where 90% of Spanish pilots insured in Spain.

We have an official Balloon Lunch site, where with  theodolite technology, winds aloft are measured to calculate and plan the safest flight possible.

We have a Transponder, so the tower can see us on radar to be able to reach greater heights.

Our balloons are inspected monthly by qualified personnel and our baskets could always carry more passengers than they really carry, but we think, it is a bether service , not to fill the baskets to the end of his capacity

How to find us?

Very easy! We have offices open to the public so they can find and locate to give personal attention from person to person, also by phone (also inLondon) and easy contact hours.

Headquarters: C/ Pins 30 bajos , 07590 Cala Ratjada, Tel. 971.818182

Sales Office: C/ Faralló 4 bajos, 07590 Cala Ratjada  Tel. 971.596969

Ballonairport Son Parot: Exit nº 44 of the highway Ma-15 Palma - Manacor

Administrative Office: C/ Antonio Gaudí 55, 07013 Palma de Mallorca

Phone in London: 0044.203.3556354

What is the guarantee of change?

Mallorca Balloons brings 24 years offering the best customer service, comming from the world of tourism industry of tour operators, our goal is your satisfaction.

For this reason, whether in the giftvouchers, or at any of our tours (except the expeditions to Africa, flights in Germany, peninsula or the Alps) has the right to change the date, no excuses, just call us 36 hours in advance the date you had planned for the flight. And of course free of charge.

As they are and who their pilots?

Our pilots are Ricardo Aracil, Carlos Toribio and Quim Boet. They have thousands of hours and Mallorca Balloons has lots of medals and cups won, including the championship of Spain and is already for years the No. 1 at the national ranking and representing Spain successfully in different European and world championships.

Yet despite the large number of medals and cups this is not the most important value of our pilots and teams, if not his way of being and thinking. Is this the point that has made the company Mallorca Balloons is offered for 100% of the tour operators and be the best tour at 

We would like you explain that there are several balloon excursion in internet,using our name, just only puting it backwords and making many clientes become confused, please be advised that there is only one Mallorca Balloons.

We are a people for people, who from the first second we want to enthuse and share the dream of flying with our passengers.

Encourage your self to take off with us and be one of ours!